Mainly women but some men also absolutely love long hair on them. Long and thick hair is what all women generally dream of. But with the pollution and the hormonal imbalances that are caused due to our busy lifestyles are causing the hair fall and not only the maintenance of long hair becomes a bit hectic but also there’s hair loss that makes you feel low about your hair. Is there a way to get long thick hair without waiting to grow them?

We know that there are various methods to stimulate the growth of hair from the roots. Well, is there a way to transplant long hair? There is! Long hair can also be transplanted and the technique is called as long hair transplantation. It is one of the common hair transplantation procedures that are being opted for by several women.

How is it done?

There sure are several different kinds of techniques for the hair transplantation. Long hair transplantation is actually permanent. It is done by using the FUT and FUE technique. In this kind of approach, the longer hair from a different part is taken and then transplanted in the affected area. There is minimal scarring after the procedure and long hair transplantation is a procedure that will get you the longer and thicker hair in much lesser time.


There are several benefits to the procedure of long hair transplantation. Some of the well known and remarkable advantages are given as follows:

  1. You will get to look at yourself in longer hair and what your hair will look like in a couple of weeks after the implanted grafts have fallen off.
  2. It also helps the performing surgeon to understand what you actually require and what should be the design and what kind of treatment and therapy you will need to get your desired hair.
  3. Long hair transplantation also hides and covers your scars and temporary surgical injuries.

Hair transplantation at ReGrowth

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