What is it that helps us demonstrate an emotion to the person in front of us? Well, eyebrows of course. Our eyebrows are an important feature of our face and they help us express what is in our head. However, sometimes we are not born with the eyebrows that we want. So we pluck them and keep them in desired shapes. What to do if you need thicker eyebrows? An answer to that would be eyebrow transplantation. It is one of the most common cosmetic procedures that are being carried out nowadays.


Eyebrow transplantation is a simple process that doesn’t require a prolonged hospital stay, just local anaesthesia. The performing doctor will perform the procedure with extreme accuracy and precision in order to ensure satisfying results.

On an average, about 250 and 400 individual hairs are required per eyebrow in order to obtain a natural, healthy brow. As per the size, shape, and appearance of the existing eyebrow as well as the look you are hoping to have after the procedure, the number of hair required may vary. Every single hair needs to be transplanted according to the direction of the natural growth of the other hair in the eyebrow. The implanted hair must lie flat against the skin and match the face and the natural course of the eyebrows. To get natural and thick eyebrows, it must be ensured that the hair must be placed tightly together.

Tiny needles are used to extract the grafts for the eyebrow hair. This also ensures that there are no scars left on the operated area. Normally, the donor hair follicles are replaced from the area behind the ears. The tiny needles, just a few millimetres in diameter are then used to implant the hair one by one at a time, the process is meticulous.


To get a normal, natural-looking, and well-shaped eyebrow about 100 to 200 hair is required. For obtaining a full and thick eyebrow.

A small amount of bruising and swelling may be experienced for a short period of time. Although, the period of recovery for the transplant is relatively quick and pain-free.

At times, some of this hair will drop out within a couple of weeks. There is no need to panic though as this is quite normal for transplantation. The new hair will actually continue to grow afterwards.

The implanted eyebrow hair will keep on growing, therefore, it is important to trim them and shape them regularly, about once in four weeks. If left unbothered the transplanted eyebrow hair will continue to grow so it is important to implement a regular maintenance routine.

Eyebrow transplantation at ReGrowth

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