Beard Transplantation

Thick beards are a feature in men that makes them feel confident about themselves. The growth of facial hair can be linked to genetic trait but can also be affected by other reasons as well. These include hormonal imbalance, improper diet, incomplete growth during puberty and several others. Beard transplantation is a medical procedure that will help regrow the beard or make it thick.


The technique works directly on the hair follicles. The hair is taken from the scalp and with a semi-circular incision. With this incision, the hair is pulled out right from the scalp and its root.

  • This process involves a cutting edge technology which is done by harvesting the hair follicles. These are then worked on microscopically to in order to create numerous tiny, natural-looking grafts which are to be implanted, either as individual hairs or as double hair grafts.


In both the procedures, FUE and FUT, the scars to the donor area is kept to an absolute minimum, allowing hair to grow through the scar tissue and ensuring there will be no hair loss in this area. The grafts can range from a hundreds to a few thousand. In order to get a natural appearance for the beard, the hair are transplanted individually, one by one graft, at times two grafts at a time. Approrpiate care is to be taken to assure natural growth and appearance including the careful placement of the grafts at the proper angle and direction of natural growth. When implanted, the microscopically dissected grafts of the beard transplant are generally permanent.


The procedure is actually painless and so is the recovery period. For the beginning 5 days after the procedure, the transplated area must be kept dry and clear and maintained properly. Day after that, you can resume to your everyday instrenous activities. It is normally advised to refrain from grooming the area or touching as much as possible in order to allow the transplanted follicles to rest in their new location and to ensure that they are not disturbed or blood flow to them interrupted. The transplanted hair will fall out after about two weeks and then start to re-grow about three months later where they will continue to grow for a lifetime. A beard transplant can conceal scarring, acne or trauma like burns, scars or accident as the implantation of the follicles will enhance the hair to grow through the scarred skin or replace areas of follicle which may be lost due to skin damage.

Beard transplantation at ReGrowth

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